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Who put the “fun” in Fungus?

There is nothing really fun about that fungi that overpopulates your gut, causing bloating, liver overload, decreased thyroid function and fluid retention because your body is trying to dilute all of the toxic byproducts from these mycotoxins! Do you suspect you have leaky gut? Candida overgrowth can cause dysbiosis and toxins can enter the blood… Read More

Lemon Water Benefits

If you are reaching for cold water or hot coffee first thing in the morning, consider this list of reasons to drink room temperature or warm lemon water from fresh squeezed, organic lemons. Just adding the lemon will give you vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium and fiber…and did you know that lemon is the only… Read More

Green Mental Health

My family has a history of mental health issues. Although I have never had any diagnosed mental illness, my sisters and brother and cousins have. In my office, I see people every week who have and are suffering from not only the illness, but the terrrible effects of the drugs. Most recently, I have seen… Read More

Cancer Support: Regardless of Treatment Plan

THE BIG C! Sometimes the worse thing a person can get is a diagnosis; people leave the doctor’s office feeling lost, downtrodden, and hopeless. Usually, they are told that there is urgency, must operate right away, start chemo tomorrow followed by radiation. You might have 6 months without treatment! Now that is some scary stuff.… Read More