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Cholesterol: Truth or Consequence?

Do Cholesterol Tests Tell the Truth?

This is a brief summary of three articles on cholesterol, including my own…it is a most confusing subject! Dr. Blaylock, a Jackson based neurosurgeon, says that most experts agree that inflammation causes “hardening of the arteries” and that cholesterol is just a tiny piece of the puzzle. I would contend that the inflammation occurs because… Read More

Mamograms May Cause Cancer…and False Positives Cause Grief

Do Mammograms Cause Cancer?

“In poll, 61% of doctors say mammograms should be less frequent,” from an L.A. Times Article. This topic has troubled me for some time, as most women  feel caught in the middle. We have been taught that getting screening tests is the smart thing to do, it’s preventative, it may save our lives. However, this… Read More

Energy Soup for Abundant Health

Energy Soup: My husband Duke was recently at Ann Wigmore Institute where he ate energy soup for every meal; he also had a lot of fresh wheat grass and swam every day in the Atlantic, but that’s another story. You can simplify this recipe if you like, but don’t forget the dulse and nori for… Read More