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Lemon Water Benefits

If you are reaching for cold water or hot coffee first thing in the morning, consider this list of reasons to drink room temperature or warm lemon water from fresh squeezed, organic lemons. Just adding the lemon will give you vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium and fiber…and did you know that lemon is the only… Read More

Cancer Support: Regardless of Treatment Plan


THE BIG C! Sometimes the worse thing a person can get is a diagnosis; people leave the doctor’s office feeling lost, downtrodden, and hopeless. Usually, they are told that there is urgency, must operate right away, start chemo tomorrow followed by radiation. You might have 6 months without treatment! Now that is some scary stuff.… Read More

Simplify: Coconut Oil Toothpaste

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Toothpaste? I suppose everyone knows about the wonders of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by now, right?  It is a miracle skin moisturizer, a safe and nutritive lubricant, a tasty oil to use for sautés and frying…but did you know that EV coconut is a very powerful natural oil which can kill bacteria responsible… Read More

Cholesterol: Truth or Consequence?

Do Cholesterol Tests Tell the Truth?

This is a brief summary of three articles on cholesterol, including my own…it is a most confusing subject! Dr. Blaylock, a Jackson based neurosurgeon, says that most experts agree that inflammation causes “hardening of the arteries” and that cholesterol is just a tiny piece of the puzzle. I would contend that the inflammation occurs because… Read More