A herbalist and naturopath, Betty Sue uses safe and natural therapies to help a person bring the body into balance. She is dedicated to teaching better ways to eat, drink and ‘live it’ through dietary and lifestyle adjustments that provide good nutrition and proper exercise for the body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Betty Sue O’Brian, Natural Physician, M. S. was always interested in food and diet, and studied food and nutrition with a minor in Dietetics  from U.S. M. Dr. Betty Sue says, “Later, when I had children of my own, I took my young son to a Traditional Naturopath and herbalist. Throughout his childhood, I grew to appreciate her simple approach to health…no scare tactics or “bad news” diagnosis! I loved what I learned and was hungry for more. I studied iridology with Dr. Bernard Jensen and so loved what I learned that I began to share it by teaching others.”

For the past fifteen years, she has offered guidance and assistance to those looking for support in their healing journeys.Dr Betty Sue has treated a full range of “dis-eases” in children, adults and the elderly. She sees her role as one who helps people get to the cause of their imbalance via food-based healing, herbs and lifestyle changes. She utilizes a variety of modalities including diet and nutritional counseling, functional medicine, chakra balancing, energy medicine, supplementation recommendations, botanical medicineflower essence therapy and detox strategies. She recommends iridology as a baseline, genetic marker. The body can heal given the right stimulus.

Her many years teaching in the classroom have provided Dr. Betty Sue with a command of the language (of health) and the ability to empower others to take charge of their health. When clients say, “my doctor has me on… or my doctor won’t take me of of….” she encourages them to discuss how they feel and why they might want to make a change with their doctor and not just accept something they know is not right for them.
She currently sees clients at her office in Ocean Springs, MS by appointment. Read about her Services and fees.

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Betty Sue has lived and worked on the Mississippi Gulf Coast all of her life. For twenty five years, she taught at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. She is past-President of the International Iridology Practitioners Association. Follow her on Facebook at Betty Sue Says


  • Diplomat Instructor for the International Iridology Practitioner’s Associationhttp://www.iridologyacademy.org/iridology
  • Traditional Naturopath and Natural Physician, British School of Natural Medicine
  • Certified Master Sclerologist, International Sclerology Institute
  • President of International Iridology Practitioners Association
  • B.S., M.S., University of Southern Mississippi
  • Natural Physician & Herbalist, School of Natural Medicine, Colorado
  • Master Herbalist, Rosemary Gladstar
  • Living Foods Educator, The Ann Wigmore Institute, Puerto Rico
  • Betty Sue is a Diplomat Instructor at the Southern Institute of Natural Health. Click below to learn more about classes that you can take on-line and in person:

Southern Institute of Natural Health