I taught at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College for 25 years and I love to learn and to share! I hope my books bring you knowledge and freedom. – Betty Sue.

Six Weeks to a Healthy Lifestyle

This no-nonsense book empowers its reader to accomplish in six weeks what they haven’t been able to do in a lifetime. It is a manual for living healthy in a not-so-healthy world. This step by step manual takes the reader through it all gently and successfully. Whether your goal is to raise a healthy family or to lose weight and feel great, this book is for you. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Going Green…The Smoothie Way

This smoothie book is unlike any other; instead of fruit filled smoothies that feed cancer, viruses and fungus, these smoothies are categorized by body system. If you have problems with elimination, the author offers smoothies that help with that. Should you have cancer, there are smoothies appropriate for those of us with cancer. Included are smoothies for children and smoothies for respiratory issues. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Causations: Using Iridology to Clarify Sclerology

This book is a must-have book for students serious about a start in natural health.  It doesn’t matter whether you are an iridologist, a sclerologist, a naturopath or an energy worker, you need to know how to triangulate your three modalities to make it work for your client.  This is not a waste of time…this is a must read!

Iridology Textbook: The Core Curriculum

The Iridology Textbook authored by Betty S. O’Brian is the definitive text for covering the basics of iridology and sclerology.  Readers will study this book on their own and/or take an accompanying class:  COMPREHENSIVE IRIDOLOGY from any IIPA Approved Instructor.  After completing the class, a student can register to take the IIPA Examination.