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Why would you want to drink green and other veggie/fruit smoothies instead of eating an animal protein or starch-filled breakfast or dinner?

So many good reasons come to mind and almost no objections – considering that too many proteins and refined carbohydrates can create imbalances in the body because they are so acid forming inside the body. And why not make your own juice in a juicer; for years that was considered the ultimate in getting the maximum nutrients from your produce. Now smoothies, especially green smoothies, are so “in” for so many reasons; they are the enlightened drink of the 21 st century.

First, the benefit of smoothies as opposed to juices is that Smoothies contain the whole vegetable or fruit including the fiber, which is necessary to maintain a healthy digestive system.

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A herbalist and naturopath, Betty Sue uses safe and natural therapies to help a person bring the body into balance. She is dedicated to teaching better ways to eat, drink and ‘live it’ through dietary and lifestyle adjustments that provide good nutrition and proper exercise for the body, mind and spirit.

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“Contributing makes me feel like I’m being useful to the planet.”

— Anna Wong, Volunteer

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