Treat Your Low Acid Stomach Naturally

“YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM ACID INDIGESTION BECAUSE YOU HAVE TOO MUCH ACID IN YOUR STOMACH” This statement is often untrue. Occasionally, there might be a physiological or mechanical problem such as a hernia causing reflux, but often it is bacteria and the acid those bad bacteria produce.
Believe it or not, the real problem is a lack of acid in your stomach, which allows the bacteria to grow in the first place. Hydrochloric Acid is a killer – a good balance of stomach acid can eliminate any bacteria or virus! If you have acid reflux, then it means you are low in stomach acid and probably have a weak liver. William Anthony (the Medical Medium) says “When healing acid reflux, there are three goals: build up hydrochloric acid, kill off the unproductive bacteria like streptococcus or e. Coli, and strengthen the liver.”
So why should you stay on acid reduction medications for the rest of your life, especially now that you know that you can straighten out your problem with some dietary changes and a few supplements.

  1. Support the liver with liver herbs and foods: Milk Thistle, selenium, Cascara Sagrada, and blood cleaners like burdock. Eat beet juice, grapes, blueberries and cruciferous vegetables.
  2. Destroy harmful bacteria using goldenseal, elderberry tea or tincture and oregano oil. Another herb to try is olive leaf, as it will fight the bacteria and help with the gas created by the bacteria.
  3. Avoid bad fats – trans fats, hydrogenated, fats, artificial fats such as margarine.
  4. Promote stomach acid with celery juice on an empty stomach once or twice a day. Have plenty of iodine in your diet or take a supplement. Round that out with zinc and high quality sodium.

So if you are feeling, or if you have been told to take acid blocking medications, experiment with natural solutions! I think you’ll be pleased with the results…