Why Green Smoothies – Join the Revolution (Evolution!)

First, the benefit of smoothies as opposed to juices is that smoothies contain the whole vegetable or fruit, including the fiber, which is necessary to maintain a healthy digestive system. And unless you eat a tremendous number of raw salads, smoothies are a pleasing way to consume more than the “recommended” daily intake of fruits and vegetables.  Today there is little question about whether or not you need at least five or six fresh fruits and vegetables a day, and more of us are trying to get them in.  Some people try to get in more fruits and vegetables by taking pill form concentrates, but there is really no substitute for the real thing.  Vitamins need enzymes to work – where is the “living food” in a little capsule stuffed with broccoli and apples?  We are looking forfiber and food for the cells.  Your cells will really SING when they get their first dose of blended smoothies.

Another great reason to join the smoothie revolution is that making smoothies is fast and easy.  If you hurry off to work in the morning, just put your apples, spinach and flax seeds in the blender at night after dinner.  Then, first thing in the morning, add water and maybe some special powders such as MACA, magnesium, calcium, wheat grass, and stevia, hit blend, count to 60, pour into a glass bottle with a top, and throw it in your purse or briefcase.  Breakfast is taken care of in 2 minutes, and you are on your way.  Because you can add healthy oils to any smoothie, these drinks “stick to your ribs” unlike plain juices or even most sugary protein drinks.

Our government publishes a food pyramid which seems to change every few years as new discoveries are made about nutrition.  The USDA is still looking – and that is a good thing – trying to find the perfect food plan for us.  Going against the cattle and dairy industry is tough, but increasingly studies are coming out that urge us to adopt a plant-based diet.  Plenty of water, a good dose of quality sea salt, and adequate amounts of organic vegetables and fruits are now considered the real essentials of a healthy diet.  Juicing, organic gardening, and supplements, once considered the realm of new-age hippie types, are now main stream among educated and enlightened people worldwide.

Famous alternative M.D. Andrew Weil published a  food pyramid that reflects the new way of eating that has we have become more aware of in recent years.  Notice that the foundation of his suggested program is organic fruits and vegetables and unrefined carbohydrates.

1 Green Apple

1/2 Lemon

1 stalk celery

1/2 cucumber

1 cup water

Blend your organic ingredients and enjoy!