In the 80’s I began taking my son to an iridologist way up in the country; her simple instructions and on target analysis of his health issues was far beyond what i was learning from his medical doctor. God blessed me with 2 other children; so I had one blue eyed child, one brown eyed child, and one hazel or mixed.

If I had only known iridology back then, and also Rayid and Energy Iridology, I might have been a much more astute mother!

This chart helps one to visualize where and from how many generations and from which side of the family an inherent issue might be coming from. It also guides you to tremendous information to help you with those problems…as they say “the issues are in the tissues.” Find the book on Amazon here: THE CHAKRAS: A SIMPLE GUIDE TO COLOR, LIGHT, AND SOUND. energy-iridology

A Sample of the information found in the Energy Chart:

  •   3rd chakra – (sacral) digestion:  Anger, resentment, energy, external power, manifestation, livelihood, strength, ethics, “walking on eggshells,” personal power
  • Yellow:  Fire Element:  Abdomen, upper intestines, stomach, liver, skin gallbladder, pancreas, mid-spine, kidney, spleen
  • Imbalance::  Ulcers, hypoglycemia, pancreatitis, diabetes, liver disease, edema and urinary tract problems
  • Lesson:  Refuse control by others and take control of your own personal power.  Learn to laugh, meditate and enjoy inner harmony.  Let Go, Make Room.  Forgive.

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