People often ask about muscle testing – how does it work? Is it fake? Isn’t it subjective. The answers are yes and no; any field can have charlatans who take advantage of others…but if you learn to do it yourself, you can develop a belief in God’s energy helping usContinue Reading


In the 80’s I began taking my son to an iridologist way up in the country; her simple instructions and on target analysis of his health issues was far beyond what i was learning from his medical doctor. God blessed me with 2 other children; so I had one blueContinue Reading

Are you interested in learning more about natural ways to support your health and that of your family? Betty Sue teaches the Holistic Health Practitioner class both on-line and in person on the MS Gulf Coast.  (This was formerly called The Traditional Naturopath class.) This comprehensive class will empower and equipContinue Reading