2020 – the year of clarity

If you have been thinking about your life’s purpose, even why you are alive, you are pretty much right in there with most people. I believe in numbers telling us something, and 20-20 vision means perfect sight…this is the year to right wrongs, clarify what it is that YOU want, and make it clear to those you love.

So there are the usual things – eat less meat, especially factory farmed, mass produced or shot full of salt water. Carry your water bottle and your grocery bags everytime, even if you have to go back to the car to get them…oh, and put up the cart in the cart storage area at the grocery store, too!

More yadayadayada, but buy organic. Just make it your practice. When you can’t then avoid GMO and go for Fair Trade Certified or Humanely Produced (at least they cared enough to put it on the label).

But the main message I want to get out there this year is to MOVE! It doesn’t matter if you go to a chiropractor, an ortho doctor, a neurologist, or your yoga instructor, the common thread in their advice is to add more movement to your life! That means

twist and turn on a regular basis

do planks on the floor or on the wall

shrug your shoulders forward and back

do neck rolls

walk or ride your bike…

Get moving. You might “start a movement”…consider getting a tai chi class going in your neighborhood or a walking group…let’s just all look back on 2020 this time next year and say, “Wow! I feel so much better than I did in 2019.” Happy New Year!!!