Cholesterol: Truth or Consequence?

This is a brief summary of three articles on cholesterol, including my own…it is a most confusing subject!

Dr. Blaylock, a Jackson based neurosurgeon, says that most experts agree that inflammation causes “hardening of the arteries” and that cholesterol is just a tiny piece of the puzzle. I would contend that the inflammation occurs because of the SAD diet (Standard American Diet) and the need for anti-inflammatory herbs and nutrition to slow down and eventually eliminate the problem.

The following quiz is from Steven Horne’s Newsletter Sunshine Sharing; take the quiz and see how your belief system may be based upon some false information.


1. The lower your cholesterol levels, the healthier you will be.

2. To reduce the risk of heart disease, your cholesterol should be below 200.

3. Cholesterol helps protect the body from toxins and infection.

4. Statin drugs help to reduce the incidence of heart disease by lowering cholesterol.

5. Cholesterol is important in maintaining fertility and sex drive

6. Eating foods high in fat will raise your cholesterol levels.

7. Oxidative stress and inflammation are the primary causes of cardiovascular disease.

9. HDL cholesterol is good cholesterol, while LDL is bad cholesterol.

10. Low cholesterol levels increase your risk of cancer.


Check your answers here: 1. F, 2. F, 3. T, 4. F, 5. T, 6. F, 7. T, 8. T. 9. F, 10. T.


These answers may surprise you if you have been told different by your medical advisors. As research is showing, normal cholesterol can be between 175 and 275 as the body makes adjustments for its needs at any given time. Steven Horne suggests that this emphasis on lowering our numbers with statin drugs is artificially created by the drug companies to sell statin drugs! Statins block the liver’s ability to make cholesterol; unfortunately this same pathway produces Coenzyme Q10 which helps prevent cardiovascular inflammation.

The benefit from statins is that they reduce inflammation and there must be safer ways to reduce cholesterol…like diet, exercise, and anti-inflammatory herbs such as Turmeric, Ginger and Boswellin. Avoid vegetable oils, hydrogenated fats in most packaged foods, and eat more fruits and veggies!

I was told by my doctor that I was doing great because my HDL is 110 and that means that my so-called good cholesterol is making my cholesterol…imagine my surprise when I discovered that a high HDL is a sign of chronic inflammation and a sign that your body is gluten intolerant and is also constantly fighting infection, as HDL is a part of the immune system!

Dr. Blaylock, remember the neurosurgeon…says if he had to pick six supplements that were the most protective it would be curcumin, quercetin, ellagic acid, EGCG from teavigo, DHA, and magnesium. Steven Horne suggests Super Omega 3, fat soluble vitamin D3, Krill Oil and a good fiber supplement to help reduce cholesterol. And don’t forget garlic which is a great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial as well. So check out these myth busters for yourself.