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An excerpt from a FACT article that will help those of you struggling with “gut” reactions! GI Specialists Suspect Specific Carbohydrates May Cause Painful Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome •By MELINDA BECK As many as 20% of adults at some point suffer from a painful digestive disorder that is difficultContinue Reading


New Insights into Gluten Intolerance – Not the Usual Yada, Yada, Yada on Gluten – This gets Serious, and most importantly, detectable. Bread may not be the staff of life anymore. A lot has been said about the benefits of the Adkins diet, more recently the South Beach and thenContinue Reading

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There is nothing really fun about that fungi that overpopulates your gut, causing bloating, liver overload, decreased thyroid function and fluid retention because your body is trying to dilute all of the toxic byproducts from these mycotoxins! Do you suspect you have leaky gut? Candida overgrowth can cause dysbiosis andContinue Reading

Are you trying to find Betty Sue’s work in Iridology? Then visit the Academy of Iridology at Betty Sue offers on-line and in-person classes, Skype/Facetime coaching for the IIPA certification to iridologists from around the world, text books, and chart(s). OPTIMATRIX: MAPPING HEALTH THROUGH THE EYES Studying the eyeContinue Reading