liver and gallbladder

Your Liver and Gallbladder Might Need Your Help

The changing of the seasons is the best time to do a clean up process. I usually suggest that a person try a cleansing diet of juices and/or smoothies a couple of times a day, some fulvic minerals and diatomacous earth for multiple reasons, some Cell Food and a Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse.


What is it about the Gall Bladder? People get them removed as if taking it out would clean up their dirty fish tank, aka body. It is important and shouldn’t be taken out if it aggravates you by acting up! The symptoms of heartburn and bloating with pain continue in over 50% of the people after they get it removed!

I suggest two different protocols, which I have done and am about to repeat:

  1. Make a tea of warm water, 1-2 drops peppermint oil and 1-2 drops lemon oil, 1 Tablespoon EV Coconut Oil and a little raw honey or stevia. Thee are also some essential oil blends that will work even better! Drink each night before bed. This will clear up errant fats that the body is storing.
  2. So clean up the liver and gallbladder by doing a liver gall bladder cleanse, which you can find under “Useful Info.”