“People who live to be 100 have All of their teeth or NONE of their teeth.”

When I heard this comment from a reputable doctor, I started wondering even more about the role of teeth in our health, and through the years, I have done some exploration and research for myself and for others. What I interpret this to mean is that dental work could damage our health or even cause an early death!!!
Teeth…and what to do about them.
Most people have a tooth story…either getting wisdom teeth pulled, having mercury fillings, or needing a “root canal.” In my experience, the tooth problem always seemed to be associated with something else going on in my body. When I learned that a disruption in the meridian system – invisible lines of impulses that travel through every organ, gland and tissue, including the teeth – indicated an imbalance or illness in other parts of the body, I took notice! Like the time I had 2 root canals fail – that’s right, had to be pulled – at the same time that I had a breast infection; it seems those exact 2 teeth correlated with the right and left breasts! I also learned that tooth-root bacteria and their toxic waste could enter the blood stream and travel to other parts of the body and cause disease in that related part.
Not too long after that experience, I had a client suffering with breast cancer; I suggested that she go to a biological dentist. He had to pull her tooth, and when he did, she began to sob. He told her that he had pulled her “breast tooth” (who knew we had a breast tooth?)…
Today, many diseases are blamed on “poor health” or “unknown etiology” and holistic physicians and biological dentists are often able to trace the illness back to dental issues. Let’s talk about root canals…
Where else in all of medicine do they leave a dead part in the body? A root canal tooth is a dead tooth, so to speak, but as my dentist said, they try to kill the tooth and fill it with inert material, but the truth is that they can NEVER get all of the bacteria out of the tooth. So those bacteria travel through the blood stream, taxing the immune system. Toxic anaerobic bacteria. “Everyone who receives a root canal has an incubator in those dentinal tubules that is growing anaerobic bacteria that can create whatever disease their genetic weak link would prefer.” (American Bio Dental, Tiajuana, MX)
So, what are the options:
1. Don’t give up on a tooth! Gum boils, infected gums, and apparently infected teeth can all be improved by brushing gently with food grade peroxide and baking soda. Another way to improve tooth and gum health is to put peroxide with a drop of tea tree oil on a piece of dental floss twice a day and make a c curve around the base of the tooth.
2. Rinse the mouth at night with a tooth tonic such as the excellent one at the Essential Herb Cottage: www.essentialherbcottage.com. You can also make your own using some goldenseal, myhrr, and echinacea tinctures.
3. At the least, hold warm salt water in your mouth 5-7 times a day, followed by a soft gum massage.
4. Quit smoking! Disastrous for the teeth.
5. Use this affirmation: “I speak the truth. I speak my truth.”
6. If you have an infection, try using ear candles – yes EAR candles – under the jaw and on the gum to draw out the toxic bacteria.
Save the teeth as best you can. Don’t get your mercury fillings taken out improperly; invest in a biological dentist or at least a holistic-minded dentist. You’ll find some listed on my website: www.bettysueobrian.com
Check out a dental tooth health chart to see your health-teeth correlations. And continue to smile?