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Cell Food: Cancer Preventative?

At last years’ International Iridology Conference in Las Vegas, Dr. Tony Jiminez spoke on Iridology Signs, Health, and Cancer. Basically, he said it all “boils down” to the quality of the food we are eating. Unfortunately for most of us, the food lacks essential vitamins and minerals due to agribusiness, over-farming and soil depletion. So Dr. Tony named several things EVERYONE should be doing. Number one on his list was Cell Food.

Having heard that, I have been trying Cell Food with my family and clients with excellent results. So in his book on Cell Food, Dr. David Dyer lists these benefits:

  1. Cell Food aids in the digestive process
  2. Cell Food cleanses the upper and lower intestines and restores normal bowel functions!
  3. Cell Food allows the blood to deliver directly to each body cell 78 elements for quick nutrition.
  4. Cell Food provides a steady flow of both oxygen and hydrogen to all parts of the body and effects the “impossible achievement of simultaneous oxidation and reduction within a cell.

“What is in Cell Food?”

  • Enhanced Oxygen
  • Trace Minerals and Elements
  • Metabolic Enzymes
  • Amino Acids
  • Electrolytes

Cell Food is for everybody! It is just a mild liquid you drop in your water and now comes in different forms with additional properties. Check it out on line at Other products such as Liquid Oxygen by Health Force and Aqua Active through Good Herbs are nice alternatives to Cell Food as well. I think everyone needs this addition to their diet.