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Symptom. Cause. Solution.

  • Cracks in the corner of the mouth. Need B2 and B3. Nettle Tea
  • Puffy lower lip. Sluggish digestion. Water, fiber, and heal the gut.
  • Crack down the middle of tongue. Weak stomach-improve digestion. ACV, Lemon, Smoothies, Bone Broth
  • Teeth marks on tongue. Weakness in liver, spleen, and stomach. Eat greens and veggies.
  • Swollen tongue with thick white coating.  Mucus and yeast. Cut down dairy, probiotics, pau d arco tea.
  • Horizontal cracks and grooves in the tongue. Malabsorption of B vitamins. B complex, enzymes, raw foods, slippery elm/pepper tea, nettle tea, aloe vera
  • Red tip tongue. Emotional stress; Heart. Yoga, meditation, deep breathing, alkaline foods, adrenal help.
  • Yeast overgrowth and Deficiency of EFA. Omega 3, MSM, raw foods, water, improve gut health.
  • Veins on cheeks. Low stomach acid and low bioflavonoids. Take HCL enzymes, citrus bioflavonoids.
  • Pale inside eyelids. Low Iron. Iron rich leafy greens, grains, B Vitamins, Vitamin C (Acerola Cherry)
  • Dark circles under eyes. Food Allergies. Goldenrod, Bayberry, Elimination Diet
  • Puffy under eye bags. Weak Adrenal Glands. Parsley tea, Ginger, Licorice, Pantothenic Acid.
  • Adrenal fatigue test. In a dark room, shine a flashlight into the eye at a 45% angle.  If it constricts slowly or not at all, the adrenals are very week and under stress.
  • Earlobe crease is diagonal. Cardiac Sign. Stress relief, good fats, low sugar, and exercise. Hawthorne
  • Small pimply-bumps on elbows. Vitamin Deficiency. Wobenzymes, More good fats and Omegas.
  • Leg cramps. Low Calcium. Supplement with Liquid Minerals, especially magnesium; Black Cohosh
  • Varicose vein Liver Congestion. Dandelion tea, Vitamin C and D. Butcher’s Broom and Witch Hazel
  • Hair loss and eyebrow thinning outer third:   Dulse, Kelp, Iodine.  Legs above head 20 min. day.
  • Candida, Spit Test. Spit into a class of water first thing in the morning.  If it looks like a jelly fish – yeast overgrowth.  Eliminate sugar, yeast, vinegar and alcohol from your diet for 3 weeks.
  • Heart Burn and Burping: Low Stomach Acid. It takes iodine, zinc, and sodium to make stomach acid.
  • Test for low stomach acid:  Drink 8 oz. of water with ¼ teaspoon of baking soda.  Time how long it takes to burp.  Longer than 5 minutes indicates  low acid. May add Betaine with protein meals, especially.
  • Eye Twitching:  Stress.  Meditation, yoga.   Black Cohosh. Minerals supplements, especially calc